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"Lauren has been great to work with over the past few months. She's really knowledgable and has helped answer any questions I have about nutrition regarding my food sensitivities.  She's also made sure to touch base with me every few weeks to go over any questions or concerns I might have, and discuss my progress.  She helped me understand balancing meals, and which foods are actually healthy for me to eat. I fully recommend her to anyone that needs nutritional advice, she's wonderful." -RR, female

"Lauren was just the push I needed to get my health in check. I have a demanding job, a pre-diabetic father, and am currently training for a half marathon so getting all the nutrients I needed was important. Lauren also has her own website with easy to make meals. My favorite was her No-Bake Granola Balls which are perfect for traveling or before going on a run. She was always available to answer my questions and I enjoyed our bi-weekly meetings. My favorite aspect of working with Lauren was how she always checked in with my goals and how I was feeling with everything. She made sure that my goals were met while working with her. I definitely recommend working with Lauren. You will not be disappointed." - BW, female

"Working with Lauren has allowed me to realize that healthy eating can be enjoyable. I have also been more aware of my hunger and fullness and realized how taking time to eat and take care of myself positively impacts how I feel."  RR, male


"Since working with Lauren I have started adding in foods that I enjoy with meals, rather than avoiding them. This has allowed me to be more satisfied after I eat and be less likely to overeat these foods later in the evening."  AM, female


"Working with Lauren I have learned how much the diet mentality was affecting my success in changing my eating habits. This really helped me redefine my relationship with food, focusing on how different foods make me feel and what my body needs rather than food I can or cannot have at any given time." JW, female

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